Blue Meditations


Blue MeditationsBlue Meditations is the author’s first book of poetry in English published by Third Eye Publications with the support of Canada’s Multicultural Department. Eight poems from this book have been included in A Matter of Spirit: Recovery of the Sacred in Canadian Poetry, an anthology of sixteen Canadian poets edited by  Dr. Susan McCaslin, Ekstasis Editions, 1998.

Dr. Susan MaCaslin:
Ajmer Rode’s aphoristic lyrics, as well as longer metaphysical meditations, draw from the great Hindu sacred texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad-Gita. Some of his poems are translated from his original Punjabi, but much of his work is composed in English. He is also fascinated, like Teilhard de Chardin, with the correlation between science and poetry, assuming that greater penetration of the secrets of matter may enhance our sense of the mystery and sacredness of life. Like some quantum physicists curious about the metaphysical implications of matter at the sub-atomic level, such questions as how to draw a line between what is animate and inanimate. With Blake, his poetry declares that “everything that lives is holy.” In his short essay he articulates the need for compassion, the sense that a spirituality devoid of a sense of care for the world rings hollow.
(From A Matter of Spirit)

I shall keep my eyes wide open to see the rawness of existence, to experience its touch first hand. I have relied too much on the second hand experience, the re-experience of the experienced. I have tried to experience the knowledge not the nakedness of reality with my own body. I shall let my eyes gaze deeply scan widely let my arms extend and grow more fingers on my hands, I shall widen my ears and tune them to the earth and heaven. World is a wonderful place. (Ajmer Rode)

“I am not a critic but some of the poems are a jolt: They are so naked, so clean, so powerful. Some tell wonderful stories.” – Ron Kwalilac, Australia 

“Really enjoyed the book. Premature Metaphor, Almost a Scientist, and Green in Memories are my favorites” -Paul Zann, Montreal


Two Poems from Blue Meditations

Knock gently
Knock gently
when you reach the cottage
of my soul.
The door shall fling open
a flood of light shall
wash your tired feet.

Blue Horse Dances

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean of wisdom inside, came the Guru on Punjab

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean of wisdom inside, came the Guru

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean of wisdom inside, came?

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean of wisdom inside….

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean of wisdom?

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean of ?

Blue horse dances underneath, ocean…

Blue horse dances underneath.

Blue horse dances.

Blue horse.


A Poem on Blue Meditations
              By Amman Panesar (17)  for Ajmer Rode 

The eyes of a wandering poet.
The intellegent art of a master’s mind.
He works deep into his art
                                    and finds?

His passion fills my heart with his
charm and elegance
                                     he seeks?

 His wisdom inspires me to be

and regret all the impossibilities.
His wit and art is a reflection of the
greatest masterpiece that ever lived
                                               he wants?

 His love is an image that blossoms
a rose in the deeps of my heart.
His care and concern has brought me
countless dreams to be more like…

His soft and gentle art.
                                    he discovers?

 His open mind is filled with what he
can give back-
warm and kind – hearted.

His artistic power
no living creature knows.
                        he has found…

 the human soul in blue meditations.