Dooja Passa


Dooja PasaDooja Passa (The Other Side) is a collection of three one act plays:   

Dooja Paasa
One Girl One Dream

All of these plays have been performed in Vancouver and in Punjab. Dooja Paasa is the first published book of Canadian Punjabi plays. 

Dooja Paasa  deals with racism in Canadian society. A Sikh man after having been attacked by a racist gang in his neighbourhood can’t decide whether to keep his turban or not. 

“The top name in Canadian Punjabi playwrights is that of Ajmer Rode who wrote the first Canadian Punjabi play, Dooja Paasa, and made a significant advance in the Canadian Punjabi literature.” Dr. S.P. Singh (critic, vice chancelor, Punjabi University.) 

 “Techniques of stage presentations show that Ajmer Rode is a dramatist with deep understanding  and grasp of theatrics. Dooja Passa is a solid  contribution to Punjabi drama.”   Dr. Mohanjit, Kaumi Ekta, 1981.
This is an exemplary play due to its theme, tight structure, and natural dialogue” – Dr. Mohanjit, poet & critic, in Tribune, 1981)

“In the field of drama, only Ajmer Rode’s Dooja Paasa and Ajmer Aulakh’s, Bigane Bohar Di chhan, deserve main discussion.” – Dr. Mohanjit (critic, poet) in the literary face of 1981


Dooja Passa 1st Performance

Directed by Ajmer Rode

Produced by Punjabi Literary Association, Vancouver, 1977




A scene from Dooja Passa: Darshan Bains, Paul Binning, Karmjit Ghuman, Indresh, Bhavkhandan


Cast of Dooja Passa: (from left) Darshan Bains, Surjeet Kalsey, Paul Binning, Indresh, Karamjit Ghuman, Raghbir Mand (Bhavkhandan not seen)

Cast of Dooja Passa: (from left) Indresh, Darshan Bains, Surjeet Kalsey, Paul Binning, Ajmer Rode, Karamjit Ghuman, Raghbir Mand, Bhavkhandan 



A scene from Dooja Passa was highlighted on the cover of Watan, a literary monthly published from Vancouver.

Dooja Passa Watan

Raghbir Mand and Karamjit Ghuman in Dooja Passa