Savi -KameshwariKameshwari is a long Punjabi poem by Swarnjit Savi translated into English by Ajmer Rode. Kameshwari is a Hindu goddess of Kama or sexuality and Savi pays tribute to the goddess in this poem.

“O Woman!
I bow my head before
Your mystery, your maya, the diversness
and magnificence of your forms
And to the network of many such relations
Is dedicated
My small creation
Because of which I am
So is the world
And this expanse.

The book published by Chetna Parkashan (2012) is adorned with many black and white classical figures portraying spiritual aspect of human sexuality as the poem in the book does. Savi, besides being a poet, is also a well known Punjabi painter whose paintings have been exhibited at numerous venues and who has illustrated numerous Punjabi book and magazine covers.

you are an orchestra with no player no conductor
you are the composer the musician the melody
the conductor, I am just a neuron in the whole
of your symphony. I create and am created every
moment. Your are a neurological orchestra different
than the physical one. You don’t play a given melody,
you compose each time a new one, strange, unthinkable,
a symphony that started with my birth and ends with
my death. I am a player who is not present nor absent
who is just a piece in your orchestra woven everywhere
and nowhere. Your are such an orchestra,
Kameshwari…   …     …    …    …
…    …    …    …    …   …    …    …