This year (October 2015) event #86 at the Vancouver International Writers Festival presented the winners of Dhahan Prize -Darshan Singh novelist from New Delhi and Nain Sukh novelist from Lahore, Pakistan. Andreas Shroeder and I hosted the program.

Event# 86: The Dhahan Prize

Ajmer Rode and Andreas Schroeder
Sunday, October 25, 2015 – 1:30pm
Waterfront Theatre

Featuring 2015 Prize Finalists

The Dhahan Prize was founded in 2013 to call greater attention to the wealth of literary works produced in Punjabi around the world. This afternoon we present readings in Punjabi and English by the writers shortlisted for the 2015 edition of this prestigious prize. Written in a language that is as diverse and changing as its culture, Punjabi literature describes the social, cultural and political lives of Punjabi speakers, not only in South Asia but around the world, and expresses the unique cultural ethos of this global community. Join us in celebrating the wealth of Punjabi storytelling and literature, and hear from the contenders for the 2015 Dhahan Prize.


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