The first ever comprehensive survey of Indian Languages in English is in progress under the supervision of its chief editor Dr. Ganesh Devy, the chairperson of the People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI). This survey is the first after the classic survey of Indian languages by George Grierson in British India (364 languages, 30 years, 1928). The current survey is being published by Orient Blackswan publisher in 50 volumes of which more than 30 are already published.

The volume 47 is going to be on Indian languages in the diaspora with a chapter on Punjabi Language Outside India. This volume is being edited by Dr. T. Vijay Kumar, former Dean of arts at Osmania University and Director, Hyderabad Literary Festival. Last year Dr. Vijay Kumar requested me to write the Punjabi Language Outside India essay, about 6000 words long, in English. Dr. Atamjit Singh (eminent Punjabi playwright) had recommended my name to Dr. Ganesh Devy.

I finished the essay (already published) with sub-headings:

Punjabi Language

Punjabi Diaspora

Ecology of Punjabi language in the Diaspora, Code-mixing

Language Loss

Physical Environment and Punjabi Language in the Diaspora

Cultural Activities and Punjabi Language in the Diaspora

Mass Media and Punjabi Language in the Diaspora

Literary Activities in the Diaspora

Diasporic Contributions to Mainstream Punjabi

Future of Punjabi in the Diaspora